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June 7, — Julie Edwards, Heal the Bay MPA Intern, highlights the recreational opportunities — such as tide pooling — that Angelenos can enjoy in our local marine protected areas. Tide pooling is a great activity for anyone at any age; all it takes is a keen eye! With a little luck you can find curious octopuses, bright green anemones, spiky purple sea urchins and slimy sea hares. MPAs preserve ocean habitats, as well as the diversity and abundance of marine life. They also provide recreational and educational opportunities, such as tide pooling!

The more upcoast tide pools near Paradise Cove are formed by tall rocks, making tide pooling possible even at mid-tide! In these northern pools you can see woolly sculpins, sand castle worm colonies, and turban snails. You might even get lucky and spot a beautiful chestnut cowrie, like the one pictured on the right.

Remember to tread lightly on rocks to avoid stepping on marine life, be gentle when touching critters, and leave animals in their tide pool homes. Check the tides before you go and time your visit for a low tide. Please be careful and do not climb on the rocks — they are slippery and wet, so it is very easy to fall and hurt yourself. On the northern end of Little Dume Cove, the rocks are covered with mussels and barnacles. There are some anemones hiding amongst the barnacles in shallow pools formed in the rocks so try to spot them!

Heading south in Little Dume Cove, the pools are no longer formed by ridges of large rocks and are instead formed by many low rocks and small boulders. This area is very accessible and would be great for the whole family. Be sure to get there at the low tide, the Ride the wave of a passionatetryst are easy to walk across and there is less chance of getting splashed by incoming waves. From June 4thth the CA Coastal BioBlitz will bring people together to document biodiversity in one place at one time, record observations of plants and animals using smartphones or digital cameras and to the biodiversity recording platform iNaturalist.

May 27, — The city of Inglewood comes out in favor of a controversial ocean desalination plant proposed for the shoreline in El Segundo, reports staff scientist Steven Johnson. After a lull in the action, the heated debate over building L. Heal the Bay and other environmental groups agree that the plant will ultimately be detrimental — it costs too much, uses too much energy and literally sucks life out of the ocean. There are better, underutilized options to augment local water supplies, such as increased water recycling from the nearby Hyperion Treatment Plant.

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Here are our top five reasons to be wary of desalination. Pointing out the harm such a plant could do to the ocean, the city councils of both Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach voted unanimously to oppose the project earlier this year. To counter that energy, West Basin Board members and staff asked the Inglewood City Council to voice support for the project at a May 17 council meeting. Public testimony was strongly in favor of the plant, with residents suggesting that the new plant would lead to lower costs for water and that water-deprived parks would be nourished once again.

Both of these points run contrary to past experience with desalination plants and the reality of what the proposed plant can provide, however. Ultimately, the Council voted unanimously to support the project, based on the following conditions suggested by West Basin staff:. These are noble goals, but it remains to be seen whether they are realistic. As noted above, recent history with desalination plants suggests otherwise, but Heal the Bay will continue to track development of the plant. Read all about our Beach Report Card here.

May 26, — Californians heading to the shoreline this Memorial Day weekend will be heartened by yet another improvement in water quality at beaches statewide, according to data released today by environmental group Heal the Bay in its 26 th annual Beach Report Card. Heal the Bay analysts ased A-to-F letter grades to beaches along the California coast for three reporting periods inbased on levels of weekly bacterial pollution. The severe drought now impacting California appears to be a major contributing factor to improved water quality at beaches statewide.

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With record low rainfall reducing the amount of polluted runoff funneled into our seas, beach grades across the state are consistently outperforming their averages. High bacteria counts at these sites are linked to such potential illnesses as stomach flu, ear infections and major skin rashes. To avoid illness, ocean-goers can check the latest water quality grades at their favorite beaches, based on the latest samples, each week at Ride the wave of a passionatetryst.

Heal the Bay also urges beachgoers to avoid enclosed beaches, which are often riddled with harmful bacteria, and to swim at least yards away from flowing storm drains and piers. Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz has the dubious distinction of topping the list for a third year in a row. a for slideshow with details about challenges at each of the Bummers. San Diego County boasted the most beaches on the Honor Roll, with 14 sites earning top marks. While low rainfall totals have led to ificantly improved water quality statewide, it should be noted that California often swings from extended dry periods to shorter periods of intense, wet weather.

Progressive city planning, smart public infrastructure and so-called Low Impact Development in the private sector would turn a nuisance into a resource. While beach water quality grades may be higher in a given year due to less runoff, the should not provide a false sense of security about long-term improvements at chronically impaired beaches. When the rains come, poorer grades often follow. The marked seasonal difference in water quality is why Heal the Bay recommends that ocean-users avoid the water for at least three days after a storm.

Most of the California coastline earned A grades throughout the summer reporting period. County beaches received A grades for the summer. Mendocino and Humboldt counties earned mixed grades. Heal the Bay to forecast water quality. This summer Heal the Bay, Stanford University, and UCLA will expand their pilot program to test the effectiveness of new predictive beach water-quality tools.

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Using sophisticated statistical models, environmental data, and past bacteria samples, the scientific teams are aiming to accurately predict when beaches should be posted with warning or open s. These new models will protect public health by providing more timely and advanced water quality information to public health officials.

Read the full report. May 26, — Heal the Bay analysts ased A-to-F letter grades to beaches along the California coast for three reporting periods inbased on levels of weekly bacterial pollution. But pockets of fecal bacteria still trouble our waters and threaten the health of millions of beachgoers. For more information, check out our Beach Report Card blog post or read the full report here.

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These citizen scientists came from across Los Angeles to help us document the biodiversity of the Ballona Wetlands. Using the iNaturalist smartphone app, our gang of naturalists recorded a whopping observations of species! We were lucky enough to find a native legless lizard see below.

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This tiny reptile looks like a snake, but is actually a lizard that over evolutionary time has lost its limbs. Our eagle-eyed scientists even found a gopher snake as it slithered back to its home. Despite the numerous native plants and animals, we also found troublesome non-natives like ice plant and wild radish.

These plants can take over the wetlands, reducing their ecological value and harming the habitat for native biodiversity. All in all, we were so stoked to see such a diverse cross-section of Angelenos getting knee-deep literally! Thanks to everyone who participated, and an extra-special Heal the Bay Hug to Lisa Fimiani and Friends of Ballona Wetlands for being such excellent co-hosts. Check out our Facebook albumand keep on Blitzing!

Wanna see what we found during our Malibu Lagoon BioBlitz? May 12, — Where can you find the tastiest breakfast burrito in L. Which beach offers the best tidepooling experience? King Harbor. Paddleboarding looks like fun but it can be a bit intimidating for newcomers. The key is to find calm water and friendly people to get you started. The staff is friendly Ride the wave of a passionatetryst super helpful, with plenty of boards and paddles to rent. Paddle at your own pace or take a lesson. Like California itself, Venice Pier is a melting pot of races, cultures and languages.

Fish or no fish, rain or shine, you will find friendly fishermen willing to give a hand to beginners. The pier has all the basic amenities — freshwater washing stations and plenty of benches. Ballona Wetlands. The Friends of Ballona Wetlands hosts a behind-the-scenes tour of the wetlands on the second Sunday of every month.

Most of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve is closed to the public so this is a great opportunity to access the wetlands with the experts. They will guide you through salt marsh and dune habitats. You will get to see some of the bird species that live in and visit the wetlands. Bring a blanket, get comfy, and enjoy the show!

Abalone Cove Beach.

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By doing a little rocky tide pool exploring you can find curious octopuses, bright green anemones, spiky purple sea urchins and slimy sea hares. Remember to tread lightly on the rocks to avoid stepping on marine life, be gentle when touching critters, and leave animals in their tide pool homes. On a clear day you can enjoy fantastic views of Catalina Island, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula is a hot spot for dolphin and whale sightings from shore. Look no further than this secluded state beach a few miles north of Point Dume.

With its high cliffs, pocket coves and secret seacaves, this idyll provides plenty of hideaways for lovers both young and old. Note: to get to the shoreline, you will have to park in the lot near PCH and walk a bit down a winding staircase.

Ride the wave of a passionatetryst

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