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ed Feb 8, I need a good adhesive to fix this lower cades grille I've had lying around for a year into my Aero bumper. Obviously it needs to be waterproof, heat proof and easy to apply.

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Talk to me. ed Aug 16, I think we used a generic clear adhesive, and then taped it over with masking tape for 24 hours. ed Aug 7, ed Sep 18, ed Jun 19, I used clear silicone to fix my standard grill to the aero bumper. ed Apr 29, Silicone would be a good choice. ed May 8, Siroflex is another one.

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ed Oct 10, Tigerseal, you won't ever get it back off. ed Oct 21, I've used both silicone which wasn't very good in my opinion and then Tigerseal to do mine. Tigerseal is by far superior for how it holds but is black rather than clear so can look messy if you aren't fairly careful with it. ed Sep 22, Sikaflex is what body shops use. This is likely what my wide arch kit will be bonded on with. It's hard to get in clear though - usually it's black. I can get both in clear van-line is the company we buy it off of.

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ed Oct 25, Pretty hobo - but I used Gripfill the builders adhesive to stick a wing mirror on my old car, not that "sticks like shit" stuff cos it's pony! Smoothed it out before it hardened then coloured it in with a permanent marker :lol: ::getcoat ed Feb 11, Went for black tigerseal. Thanks all. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. Come the discussion on performance modifications, accessories, MINI news, maintenance and more! Explore Our Forums.

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Naughty 35652 lol

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