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The causes of the massacre are still debated. Lott was never found, and justice was never served. During an elk hunt in Woodbury County in the winter ofa Wahpekute hunter shot a dog that bit him, and the enraged owner, a white man, beat the Indian senseless. Inkpaduta stated that his people could not survive the winter without guns for hunting.

The whites planned to come back the next day to escort Inkpaduta and his band from the area and give them back their guns, but the plan failed. When they returned the next day, the Indians were gone. Seeking revenge, Inkpaduta took to raiding in northern Iowa in February The settler shot and decapitated the raider. When she resisted, the chief beat her with a stick and carried off year-old Hattie instead.

Inkpaduta knocked down Mr. Taylor, threw his son into the fireplace, badly burning his leg, and carried off his wife. Hattie Mead and Mrs. Taylor were released after one night in the Indian camp. On March 7, the Indians arrived at Okoboji and Spirit lakes. The Dakotas considered Spirit Lake a sacred dwelling place for the gods. The Indians were not permitted to fish from those lakes or even place a canoe in the waters. A of white settlers were unluckily caught in this proverbial powder keg at the wrong place and time. The region, beautiful and teeming with fish and wildlife, was ly unknown to the civilized world.

Roland Gardner built his home on the south side of West Okoboji Lake. He and his wife, Frances, shared the house with their three youngest children—Eliza Matilda 16Abigail 13Roland Jr. Mary and Harvey Luce had two children, Albert 4 and Amanda 1. Six other families and several single men were also drawn to this area, which became known as the Spirit Lake settlement.

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Alvin and Lydia Noble, with their 2-year-old child, and Joseph and Elizabeth Thatcher with their 7-month-old child, lived in one cabin on the east side of East Okoboji Lake. Lydia and Elizabeth were cousins. On Sunday morning, March 8,Inkpaduta and his warriors barged into the Gardner cabin and demanded breakfast. He pointed his gun at Harvey Luce, who grabbed the barrel and prevented the Indian from firing. After a few tense moments, the Indians left the cabin. About 9 a. Isaac H.

Harriott and Bertell A. Snyder came by, knowing that Roland was about to leave for Fort Dodge for provisions. They wanted him to mail their letters, but Roland was worried about the Indians and refused to leave. Harriott and Snyder departed with their letters. Living with Mattock was Mr. Madison and his year-old son, Robert. Harriott, Bert Snyder and the Granger brothers, William and Carl, lived together in one cabin, between the two Okoboji lakes. The Indians attacked the cabins, killing everyone and burning the dwellings.

They found Carl Granger near his cabin, shot him and chopped off the top of his head with a broad-ax. Back at the Gardner cabin, the settlers were discussing their options. At 2 in the afternoon, Harvey Luce and a visitor, Robert Clark, went to warn their neighbors about possible Indian trouble. Two hours later, when Roland Gardner stepped out of the cabin, he saw nine Indians fast approaching. As he went to the flour barrel they shot him in the heart. The Indians then grabbed Frances Gardner and Mary Luce and held their arms tight, while others took rifles and bashed in their he.

They were dragged outside and finished off. Abigail Gardner sat in a chair in a state of shock.

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Seeing her family dead or dying around her, Abbie begged the Indians to kill her, too. They grabbed the year-old by the arm and indicated she would not be killed, but would be taken prisoner. The Dakotas scalped the dead, plundered the house and took Abbie to their camp about a mile away, near the Mattock place. She saw the cabin in flames and heard the screams of two people as they burned to death. Around the house were the bodies of five men, two women and four children. They found Joel Howe on the trail, shot him down and hacked off his head. Ring discovered the skull two years later on the south beach of East Okoboji.

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Next stop was the Noble and Thatcher cabin. She was born in Ohio in The Indians burst into the cabin and shot Alvin and visitor Enoch Ryan. They then took a 2-year-old child from Lydia Noble and a 7-month-old infant from Elizabeth Thatcher, and bashed their brains out on a nearby oak tree. The raiders killed all the livestock, plundered the house and took Lydia Noble and Elizabeth Thatcher prisoner.

They placed the three female captives in one tepee for a short time, allowing them to compare experiences. Abbie, Lydia and Elizabeth were then put in separate tepees and ordered to braid their hair and grease their faces so they took on an Indian appearance. On March 9, Morris Markham, who was living at the Noble-Thatcher household for the winter, passed by the Gardner home after having been gone two days rounding up livestock. Realizing this had been the work of marauding Indians, Markham thought it best to alert the settlement of Springfield now Jackson, Minn.

There, he found Eliza Gardner, who had been visiting in Springfield with Dr. Strong, and reported that her entire family had been murdered except possibly for Abbie, whose body he did not find. The next day, Inkpaduta moved the encampment three miles west.

Abbie was enlisted to drive one of the sleds pulled by a team of stolen horses. On the 13th, the Indians stumbled upon the Marble homestead.

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William Marble was unaware that marauding Indians had been in the area for several days. The Marbles welcomed the braves into their home and fed them. Then the native visitors traded for Mr. After several shots, the target fell over. Margaret Ann Marble viewed the contest from the cabin.

She saw her husband murdered and attempted to escape, but the Indians nabbed her and had her the other captives—Lydia Noble, Elizabeth Thatcher and Abbie Gardner. The warriors concluded another bloody day with a festive war dance. Abbie Gardner noted that the warriors were all regaled for battle, with scalping knives in their belts and rifles loaded; they told the captives they were headed for Springfield.

Abbie was in agony over what might happen to her sister. As it was, the warriors still achieved a partial surprise.

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They stole 12 horses, various dry goods, food, powder, lead, clothing and quilts; then they killed Willie Thomas 8William Wood, George Wood, Mr. Stewart, his wife and two small children. The Indians packed up their camp the next morning and headed northwest. Abbie Gardner and Lydia Noble carried packs that weighed about 70 pounds. Margaret Marble toted a pack and a pudgy Indian baby about 2 years old.

The child was cumbersome, so at every opportunity Marble would reach around, poke him in the face and make him cry. The Indian women decided that the child disliked the white woman for some unknown reason, so they took him away from her. The Indians had snowshoes to make their trek easier, but the captives had none. She had to trudge through deep snow, cross frigid rivers, chop and carry firewood, cut poles for tents and perform other drudgery, yet she displayed great perseverance throughout her suffering.

The medicine man did find a way to relieve her pain for a short time. The provisions the warriors stole from the whites lasted about a month. The Indian women were sent away while the warriors placed a guard over the captives and readied for battle. The soldiers, a man detachment under Lieutenant Alexander Murray sent from Fort Ridgely, searched the area for more than an hour, but apparently could not find the Indian camp and turned back.

Inkpaduta then had his group clear out of the area. After a two-day march, Abbie Gardner could no longer walk and refused to move. A female Indian swung a hoe over her head, but Abbie just bowed her head and was ready to die. Finally, they stopped to camp for the night. The Indians crossed icy rivers, and the captives nearly froze at night. Two or three days passed between meals and the captives were glad to eat the camp offal. When the horses died, the Indians feasted on their remains. As a result, the captives got a little more food but were then required to carry larger packs.

They camped at the red pipestone quarries where natives have quarried the red stone, catlinite, for centuries to make ceremonial pipes in Minnesota Territory, and then moved into land that would become Dakota Territory in They had been on the go for six weeks. Elizabeth had a premonition of death.

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When Thatcher reached mid-stream, the teenage warrior shoved her into the frigid water. Elizabeth swam to the shore and grabbed a tree root. More Indians took clubs and poles and beat her back into the river. Desperately she swam to the other shore, and once again the warriors clubbed her back in. As she floated downstream, the Indians followed along as if it was a grand game, clubbing and stoning her whenever she neared shore. When they tired of the sport, they shot and killed the year-old.

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Lydia did not have the strength to act alone. Instead, they traded for Margaret Marble. Before they took her, Margaret spoke to Abbie and said she thought the Indians might trade her to the whites, and as soon as she could she would send someone to rescue her and Lydia.

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