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We all were s h ocked to learn that a high-profile philanthropist allegedly visited a spa where women were being held against their will and forced to perform sex acts. The story grabbed our attention here in New England because it involved the h ead of a football dynasty.

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However, behind the headlines there are women and children being trafficked every day. Let that sink in for a minute. Our CEO, Eric Masi, recently wrote a letter to the editor published in the Boston Globe pointing out that each year we shelter about youth who have been trafficked. Q: How can we stop it?

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A: CSEC is a form of sexual abuse against a minor, who is under the emotional and mental control of an adult who exchanges them for financial gain or services. Some examples include pornography, private parties, and escort services. Q: Who is at risk? A: A ll youth under the age of 18 are at risk, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status; however, there are risk factors that make youth more vulnerable than others:.

A: Being informed of the risk factors and the warning s is a critical step in the fight against child trafficking.

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You can then inform others of the warning s and risks. Often a youth who are victims of CSEC will exhibit multiple warning s including:. A: You do not need to have specific details about the abusers or proof. If you suspect something is wrong, report it immediately. R esources:. Department of Children and Families Child-at-Risk hotline : Human Trafficking Organizations.

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Q: What are we do ing about this? By partnering with mentors from MLMC, and therapy, we educate and empower young girls to create safe and healthy relationships. We also work to ensure these youth and families know they are a victim of abuse and not a criminal. Where: Virtual meeting on Zoom! For more information, contact: [ protected][ protected] You can unsubscribe anytime - a link is always available in our footer. All rights reserved. Newsroom Blog Search. Human trafficking does not happen elsewhere, it happens here.

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Human trafficking does not happen elsewhere, it happens here Michelle Hillman Blog March 6, 0. R esources: Mass. Human Trafficking Organizations Q: What are we do ing about this?. Newsletter Archive. Wayside Youth on Twitter Tweets by waysideyfsn.

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For more information or if you have questions or concerns:. View More. For more information, contact: [ protected][ protected]View More. Search Search for:. Our Mailing List! Constant e. Please leave this field blank. s are serviced by Constant Contact. English French Italian Portuguese Spanish.

Looking Real Sex Wayside

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Human trafficking does not happen elsewhere, it happens here