In search of my bj queen needed for long term

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Oh, how true. That one stands the test of time.

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For men, that truth is multiplied tenfold when in a relationship. Because a lot of guys have trouble expressing their desire for oral sex, this turns it into an ongoing, unexpressed and unmet desire, which can begin to create longing, frustration, or resentment in their relationship. This is where most will get stuck. That way, we can consciously play with those subtler forces to bring about the desired result. The two of them are together, they can fuck as much as they want, and they used to a lot, but they rarely do anymore.

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Nor should they be expected to. But the good news is that you CAN do exactly that with blowjobs. Wrapped up in oral sex for men and women is the desire to please and honour. You might genuinely enjoy going down on someone, but this principle is also working in the background. There is a desire to be seen as a sexual being, and to make the other person feel like a sexual queen or king. This is largely because you have the power and excitement of novelty on your side working for you.

In time, you have to put in the work to keep the sexual spark alive. It all comes down to how you behave, relate, and communicate. There are a few things you should think about before continuing. Drop any entitled and manipulative mindsets, and enter into this with pure desire to have beautiful, nourishing intimacy with your partner. You have to acknowledge its impacts and let it go. I say that because it trains people to develop certain unconscious norms around sex and women that are just plain unrealistic. For one, it makes women out to be slobbering, cum-guzzling, blowjob machines.

Porn also generally paints oral as a staple in every sexual encounter. Whereas real sex is much more fluid and dependent on situations and moods. As with anything, there is a sliding scale. When it comes to blowjobs, some women love giving them. Above all, remember that — no matter what her stance is on blowjobs — if someone loves you, they will care about your happiness, pleasure, and needs. The reason why I emphasized energetic dynamics is because I want you to realize that a huge part of this goes beyond making a simple verbal request.

This is about how you treat your partner, how you relate with one another, and how you act and carry yourself as a man. The dynamic you create in the relationship matters — big time. With that in mind, here are five ways to inspire your partner to give you more blowjobs.

This is where you address re-stoking your mental and emotional intimacy. Whether or not you want more blowjobs, you have to actively work on your relationship. So, start here, and mean it. You cannot bypass this step. This is foundational groundwork to remove any blockages In search of my bj queen needed for long term let your sexual intimacy flow.

Invest into the shared garden of your relationship, and do it honestly. That means coming at this step purely with the intention to heal and reconnect, not seeing it as an annoying obstacle on the way to more blowjobs. Throw concerns for sexual gratification completely out of your mind, for now. Since you want space to enter into a proper dialogue, and potentially unpack some sensitive and emotional stuff, you always want to set aside sacred time. First ask when they might have some bandwidth and uninterrupted time to talk about the relationship.

You want to make sure things are as good as they can be. I said to throw your explicit desire for blowjobs aside for now, but it would be fine to bring up the desire for a thriving sex life here. How do you feel? What can I do, and what can we do, to make that a reality?

Why not!? Be deeply curious. And come from a place of team-oriented ownership, not one-versus-one. A sure-fire way for anyone to increase their chances of receiving oral is to make their genitals more inviting. Putting intention into your sexuality by taking time to groom yourself well works on another level too. When you take pride in your body and appearance, it broadcasts a more attractive energy to your lover. It tends to look awkward, while creating issues like razor rash, ingrown hairs, and itchy stubble during the regrowth phase.

Instead, I recommend using an electric beard trimmer. Now, addressing the testicles is another can of worms altogether. This would be the main part where using a razor and shaving cream is more readily advised.

Whether or not you have foreskin, be sure to keep the bell end of your penis well-washed. I put that in quotes because what I really mean here is be in loving service to them. Take the essence of that act and pour it into the rest of your life. Do whatever registers as loving to them more often. That could literally be oral sex. Or it could be doing the dishes and looking after household chores more often. That could be giving them verbal compliments and praise.

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When they talk about their day, give them your full attention. Lavish them with love and respect. Not sure what registers as love to them? Just like in the communication step, this needs to be done from a pure place. For bestyou have to come at this with purity and communication.

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Think of it this way: A big reason men love blowjobs is because of how loved and honoured they feel. It feels like she serving and worshipping you. But that will happen when you behave in a way worth honouring and serving.

Besides leading your life like a king, you want to send that energy her way, which tends to naturally inspire reciprocation. One of the most important, mature lessons that everyone needs to learn is that you must give what you most want to get.

Do you want to feel loved and honoured? Love and honour your partner first. Want to have more and better friendships in your life? Go be a better friend to others. Want to make more money? Go provide more value to the world. You get the point. While she is giving you a blowjob, or after she has, give her ample positive praise.

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Tell her what you love d and express your enjoyment and gratitude. Simple as that. Have there ever been times when you did something around the house emptied the dishwasher, folded the laundry, made a delicious mealand your partner lavished you with praise and appreciation for a job well done? And did you then feel not only seen and recognized, but more excited to do that thing again at a later date?

I rest my case. This simple point is the last thing most men are too shy to try, and it absolutely blows their minds to consider actually doing it. The masculine is direct, assertive, confident, honouring. Are you living your whole life in a masculine way?

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Are you being pro-active and assertive in life? Are you taking charge? That right there is the energy worthy of blowjobs.

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On a deeper level, the resistance many men feel in the form of shyness around being direct with their sexuality is coming from a bit of shame.

In search of my bj queen needed for long term

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