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Angie Dodge was 18 years old when she was killed at her Idaho Falls apartment in June The teen was stabbed multiple times, according to investigators. It's the nightmare. Carol Dodge said her daughter had moved out of the family home just three weeks before she was killed in her new apartment. Angie Dodge had moved out after the two disagreed over a house rule, her mother said. In the following weeks, detectives searched for the killer. Due to the similarities of the crime and his friendship with Angie Dodge, Hobbs became a suspect for her murder, Squires said.

Hobbs was a part of a large group of friends who Angie Dodge often spent time with. Police brought in his friend Chris Tapp, 20, of Idaho Falls, who was a part of the same group of friends, who liked to gather by the Snake River. Police interviewed Tapp, collected his DNA and administered polygraph tests.

Tapp initially denied to police any involvement in the crime, but during the nearly 60 hours of interrogations, including while represented by counsel, his story would change five times, leading police to view him with suspicion. In Jan. Investigators believed that the mystery third person involved was the DNA match, said Squires. A month later, Tapps was charged with first-degree murder, rape, and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony.

Hobbs was never charged in connection with the crime and denied any involvement. The judge opted against the death penalty and sentenced Tapp to 30 years to life in prison. At the time Tapp was convicted, authorities still believed that Tapp did not act alone. They continued searching for the other people that might've been Moore Idaho women looking for men in Angie Dodge's murder and who could match the DNA found at the scene.

I kept going back and forth Carol Dodge said that she would go to the police station every day to make sure the investigation was on track. The center is missing.

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She told Thomas that she thought Tapp was innocent. Drizin reviewed the tapes and created a report that would later be used in Chris Tapp's appeals. He found Tapp was threatened with the death penalty and told that he would go to the gas chamber. Drizin, however, concluded in his report that there was evidence of coercive behavior from the police against Tapp. He also concluded that there was no evidence that Tapp was at the crime scene or that he participated in the murder.

In his report, the investigator determined that a lot of the information Tapp stated during his interrogation was provided to him by law enforcement and that statements the polygrapher made during the polygraph examinations were coercive in nature. Prosecutor Daniel Clark issued his own report in that determined that the statements Tapp's attorney said were coerced were similar to the statements Chris had made to acquaintances, and concluded there was no new evidence that could exonerate Tapp at the time.

And I'm greatly indebted to that woman. She has no idea. Even though he was free, Tapp was still a convicted murderer in the eyes of the community, and he hoped one day to be fully exonerated. Dodge continued to pursue her investigation with the Idaho Falls Police Department, knowing the man who left DNA at the murder scene was still out there.

Although Squires and Pratt were both part of the investigation at the Angie Dodge crime scene, they were not involved with any of the subsequent interrogations of suspects. With the help of Parabon Nanotech, Moore began working with police on the case.

Moore Idaho women looking for men genealogy compares unknown DNA evidence to public genetic databases to identify potential suspects through their family members. Moore said she started building family trees of people who shared DNA with the unknown suspect and with each other, and found where those intersected in one marriage that dated back to the s.

Although it was a setback, Moore said that she was aware of the fact there could be missing descendants through divorces. Moore found that one of the men in the family had gotten married early and then divorced. She discovered that named Brian L. Dripps Sr. Dripps, who was years-old at the time, was arrested on May 15,and charged with Angie Dodge's murder and rape.

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During a police interview, Dripps was confronted with the DNA evidence. He admitted to the crime and said he went into Angie Dodge's apartment alone, and committed the crime alone. It was a huge victory for me. Dripps admitted that no one else was involved in the crime.

Her family can go to bed easier now because they actually have the true killer. There was no hatred, there was no animosity. They were happy to see me.

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Tapp was exonerated in In any pending litigation, public statements always carry the possibility of being used by the various parties involved to the benefit or detriment of the others, which is why we generally do not provide comment on legal matters. We are aware of the lawsuit and demands being made by Mr. On February 9,Dripps pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Angie Dodge.

Over the span of almost three decades, Carol Dodge said what kept her going was thinking about the last night that she was able to spend with her daughter. LOG IN. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? MORE: Ina young couple was killed while camping. Inpolice tricked the suspect into handing over his DNA. Comments 0. Top Stories. New CDC data reveals how rare symptomatic breakthrough cases seem to be 33 minutes ago. ABC News Live.

Moore Idaho women looking for men

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A mother's pursuit for justice overturns wrongful conviction, catches the true killer