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Jump to sub Stalking A Citizen's Guide to Michigan's Anti-Stalking Law Published by the Michigan Women's Commission On January 1,Michigan ed 28 other states by criminalizing stalking behavior in an effort to protect victims of harassment and put an end to stalking. When Governor John Engler ed Public Acts,and ofhe provided Michigan citizens with the strongest anti-stalking laws in the nation.

Due to the fact that much of the conduct of the typical non-assaultive stalker is not illegal, the legislature took extreme caution to draft a definition of stalking that will be easy to use and will not infringe on the constitutional or other rights of citizens. Stalking Is Defined as: " In this definition, "willful course of conduct" refers to a pattern of behavior made up of a series of two or more separate and noncontinuous acts which share the same purpose. The term "harassed" is defined as repeated contact without permission, resulting in emotional distress. You Are Being Stalked Exercise your legal rights: Get an anti-stalking restraining order from your local circuit court this order states that the stalker is to have no contact with the victim; if violated, criminal penalties will follow.

This will not only protect you, but also assist the law enforcement agency in enforcing the anti-stalking law. It also increases the penalties should the stalker violate the restraining order. This allows you to sue him or her for any damage they have done, your emotional harm, and may entitle you to exemplary damages and legal fees as well. They are a means of protection Meridian township casual sex well as a source for referrals.

Do not minimize the danger of being stalked - too many people have already been killed. Take action and survive! What to Do if Remember, you neither wanted nor deserved to be stalked. You are the victim, not the criminal. Suggestions of what to do if stalked are listed below. Every situation is different, so there are no set guidelines. Use your own judgement as to what actions to take. Report to your local law enforcement agency that you are a victim of stalking, whether or not you plan to file formal charges.

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Build your case against the stalker by providing the police with any or all of the following: Documentation personal journal or diary of the stalker's activities Taped recording s of threatening telephone calls. Videotape of stalker's actions. Basic identifying information i. List of contacts with the stalker i.

Stalking Takes Many Forms According to the anti-stalking laws, a person can be charged with stalking for willfully and repeatedly contacting another individual, without permission, causing that person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested. Under these laws, assailants could be charged with stalking for repeatedly: Following or appearing within the sight of another. Approaching or confronting another individual in a public Meridian township casual sex private place.

Appearing at the work place or residence of another. Entering or remaining on an individual's property. Contacting by telephone. Sending mail or electronic mail. Who Are the Victims? Unfortunately, stalking is not a rare or unusual activity. Anyone can be a victim of stalking - ordinary citizens or celebrities. According to the below listed statistics, your chance of being a victim of stalking is high, especially if you are a woman.

One out of 20 adults will be stalked in their lifetime. One-third of women in domestic violence shelters are victims of stalking. Punishment Stalking is a misdemeanor offense. When individuals are convicted of stalking, they have the following punishment [MCLA Up to five years probation. The order of probation may include an order to: Stop stalking anyone.

Stop having any contact with the victim.

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Be evaluated to determine the need for psychological or social counseling at the stalker's expense. Aggravated stalking is a felony and involves at least one of the following [MCLA The violation of a condition of a pre-trial release or condition of probation or bond for stalking. Any term of years probation including lifebut not less than five years probation.

The violation of a restraining order: A repeat offense. The order of the probation is the same as that of the misdemeanor, with the following addition. The stalker is not allowed contact with the victim's family members or with people in the victim's household.

Anyone can be a stalker - someone you know well, a casual acquaintance, or a total stranger. Sometimes stalkers are former romantic partners of their victims. Victims can take precautions such as: Travel with friends. Do not walk alone. Change your telephone to an unlisted. Vary the times and routes you take to work or to frequently visited places. Notify your family and friends, and explain Meridian township casual sex situation to your employer so that they may protect you at work. No area is immune from this crime. Larcenies occur in residential settings such as apartment complexes and subdivisions.

They also occur in commercial areas, including malls, and professional office complexes. You can take preventive measures to reduce your vulnerability to this crime.

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Whether you leave your car for a minute or for several hours, roll up the windows, lock it, and take the key. Park in busy, well-lighted areas. Keep packages or valuables in the trunk. If you leave anything in the car, make certain it is covered and out of sight.

Purchase stereo components, CBs, or cellular phones that can be removed from their brackets and placed in more secure locations upon parking. Use tape deck lock mounts and locking gas caps. Engrave items of value. Record serial and model s and keep them where they can be found later. Do not leave the vehicle title, credit cards, gas cards, or checkbooks in the car. Car alarms can alert others and scare the thief. Vehicle Theft Auto theft is a serious crime that is on the increase. One car is stolen every 19 seconds in the U. The thief who drives your car away is times more likely to have a serious accident with it than you.

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Most auto thefts can be prevented. Do not make it easy for professional thieves or joy riders to take your car. Park in well-lighted, busy areas. Lock your car and close your windows.

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Never leave your keys with the vehicle, even for a moment. Never leave an identification tag on your key ring. Don't hide an extra car key under the floor mat or under the hood. Park with front wheels turned sharply to the curb to make it difficult for thieves to tow your car away.

Consider installing a car alarm that activates a siren, horn or lights when the vehicle is tampered with. Use steering column locks.

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Install a hidden kill switch to prevent the car from starting unless turned on. Use smooth tapered door locks that a wire or coat hanger cannot unlock. Your Safety Although you consider yourself a careful driver, even you can be faced with an emergency. Common sense and these tips may help protect you from danger. If your vehicle breaks down, get off the roadway and out of the way of traffic. If you have a flat tire, drive to a safe place. Tires can be replaced. Turn on your emergency flashers, use flares, raise your hood and tie a handkerchief to the antenna or door handle.

Consider purchasing a cellular phone. Use "Help Call Police" s. Chances are good that someone with Meridian township casual sex cellular phone will call the police for you. If motorists stop to render assistance, send them for help. You should stay with your vehicle. Drive with your windows up and your doors locked. Keep your purse and valuables out of sight. At intersections, leave room between you and the vehicle in front, so that you are not blocked from leaving in a hurry. Keep the vehicle in gear. If someone is following you or you are involved in a fender bender and you feel uncomfortable staying at the scene, go to the police or fire department, a convenience store, or a gas station.

Do not drive home. Know the safe spots in advance. Travel well-lighted, busy streets.

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Park in busy, well-lighted areas, particularly at night or if you expect to come back to your car at night. We want and need your help. Make sure your Neighborhood Watch group is aware of the crimes occurring in your neighborhood. If your area is not organized, contact Meridian Township Police to learn how to start a Neighborhood Watch group. Follow the tips and suggestions you have read in this brochure and share this brochure with co-workers and neighbors. Report all crime. Knowing when and where crimes are occurring is important for us. Vacation Check List Vacations provide burglars with plenty of time to home, remove large items, and search leisurely for hidden valuables.

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