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Peter on June 29 — is traditionally one of the most joyful seasons for the Church of England, a time for ordination of new priests and deacons. But its publication last month, just before the laity, bishops and other clergy attended the Synod sessions online, has caused an outcry.

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It also points to the growing influence of American-style evangelism in historically more staid Anglicanism. The parish system is part of the warp and weft of England, especially in rural life.

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But attendance at those churches has been in decline for many years. Despite being the established church to which every citizen theoretically belongs, only an estimatedpeople out of an English population of 56 million attend regularly. The biggest financial issue for the Church of England, however, may be its buildings. Three-quarters of its churches are officially listed as historic and demand costly maintenance.

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The COVID pandemic, which led to churches being locked, collections not taken and services moved online, caused an 8. But one of the most vocal Anglican priests, the Rev. Critics believe this second paper lifts the lid on the thinking of an increasingly influential evangelical strand of Anglicanism.

Anglicanism has always performed a balancing act between a sacramental approach that puts the Eucharist at the center of the life of a worshipping community, requiring a priest to celebrate the sacrament — and an evangelical idea of church focused more on Scripture and lay leadership. Influenced by American evangelism, the latter has gained momentum in recent years. The Rev. This plan could be rolling back hundreds of years of theology and changing the Church of England. Lightbown also pointed out that a lay-led group of 20 would not have the same inclusiveness and sense of service to the whole community.

It is there for everyone. Will these new lay-led groups carry out baptisms, weddings and funerals? Barnaby Perkins, of St. Donate to RNS. Support our work.

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Looking for the radical

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Looking for radical solutions to decline, Church of England debates lay-led house churches