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House of Representatives. The America Invents Act increases the certainty of patent rights by implementing a first-inventor-to-file system for patent approval, which reduces the need for cost-prohibitive litigation that often ties up new ideas in court, stifling innovation and holding back job creation. The USPTO is entirely fee-funded, and this fee-setting authority will ensure high-quality, timely patent review and address the backlog of patent applications that is currently preventing new innovations from reaching the marketplace.

In meetings with CEOs and U. Research confirms that digital opportunity depends not only on access to computers and broadband, but the competencies necessary to successfully navigate the online world and be more competitive in the 21 st century. This new portal is an important first step in collecting and sharing class materials, research, and online learning tools.

We look forward to greatly expanding the 25and single looking for fresh Conyers available as librarians, educators and other practitioners engage with the website. From their inception, libraries of all kinds have had the development, promotion, and advancement of literacy at the core of their mission.

Now libraries combine trained staff, technology infrastructure and robust electronic collections to meet diverse needs that continue to change and grow. School librarians teach the skills necessary to find and evaluate web resources, and they support use of online collaborative tools that help ensure our students leave school ready for higher education and the 21 st century workforce.

Information literacy is now considered by several accreditation associations as a key outcome for college students. The U. Census Bureau today released two Census briefs summarizing important demographic trends on the Hispanic population and Age and Sex Composition in the United States over the past decade. Between andthe Hispanic population grew by 43 percent — four times the 9.

The increase was a difference of Of the total Census population, Guest blog post by Dr. Department of Commerce. In January, President Obama issued an executive order outlining his plan to create a 21 st century regulatory system that encourages job creation, economic growth and U. The idea was to make it simpler, smarter and more efficient, while still protecting the health and safety of the American people. As a key part of that plan, he called upon government agencies to conduct a comprehensive review of the rules and regulations currently on the books and to remove those that are outdated, unnecessary or excessively burdensome.

This review has led agencies, including the Department of Commerce, to identify initiatives that have the potential to eliminate tens of millions of hours in reporting burdens and billions of dollars in regulatory costs. A new, free software tool from Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST could prove to be a breath of fresh air for architects and deers of ventilation systems for "green" commercial buildings.

With the Climate Suitability Toolbuilding de teams can evaluate whether the local climate is suitable for cooling a prospective building with natural ventilation or requires a hybrid system that supplies supplemental cooling capacity.

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The tool is based on a model of the heat-related characteristics of a building configured to take full advantage of ambient climate conditions and natural air movement. It incorporates an algorithm—or problem-solving procedure—that crunches hourly weather data downloaded from annual datasets for U. You can approximate how many air changes per hour will be necessary to offset heat gains due to the occupants, equipment and lighting so that comfortable conditions are maintained. The effects of direct natural ventilation and a nighttime cooling procedure are assessed using a method devised by James Axley, Yale University professor of architecture and engineering.

When the outdoor temperature is below an accepted threshold, direct ventilation through open windows and by other means can deliver the cooling to maintain the comfort zone. When the outdoor temperature exceeds the threshold during the day but drops below it after sunset, the cooler nightime air can dilute heat gained during the day and build a reserve of cooling potential for the day to come. The three-day event is action-packed and filled with pre-scheduled business appointments, with more than 5, attendees expected and international and domestic buyers and representatives from more than 70 countries will be attending.

In other words, Pow Wow is a big deal. There are currently 1, international buyer delegates, including delegations from emerging markets like China and the Czech Republic, and 1, U. Census Bureau reported today that among those who moved between andmore than four out of 10 did so for housing-related reasons, including the desire to live in a new or better home or apartment. Family concerns, such as a change in marital status, and employment needs were other factors cited as reason for moving in the new report, Geographical Mobility: In Among those who moved, People in the Northeast were the least likely to move at a rate of 8.

While 25and single looking for fresh Conyers cities within metropolitan areas experienced a net loss of 2.

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Unprecedented initiative leverages resources of 16 federal agencies to create jobs and economic prosperity. The Challenge will award funds to regions with high-growth industries that support a wide range of economic and workforce development activities. The Obama administration is committed to smarter use of existing federal resources to foster regional innovation in support of sustainable economic prosperity. Strong industry clusters — like the Research Triangle in North Carolina or Silicon Valley in California — promote robust economic ecosystems and the development of a skilled workforce, both of which are critical to long-term regional success.

Details about the application process are available here. New database to store and share intellectual property rights training materials across federal agencies to promote more effective international enforcement training. Working closely with the U. Department of Homeland Security and other agencies that conduct international enforcement training, the USPTO established the database for storing and sharing training materials among federal agencies. To date, more than training and technical assistance programs that relate to protecting intellectual property rights have been entered into the database.

Release Web site. Touring its sustainable manufacturing facilities, Locke praised West Paw for its 25and single looking for fresh Conyers manufacturing methods and efforts to export its products to foreign markets. West Paw De integrated sustainability into its manufacturing processes and product de by using recycled and organic materials. The company has 46 employees and has more than doubled the size of its manufacturing facility in in order to handle the growing demand for its products.

Small Business Administration. On Tuesday, I ed a group of Hispanic community development leaders in San Francisco to launch the Latino Tech-Net Initiativea Recovery Act project spearheaded by the Mission Economic Development Agencyor MEDA, which is equipping 17 computer centers in 11 cities across the country with equipment, software, and training to help Latino entrepreneurs and small businesses build online skills, spur local economic development, and support job creation in their communities.

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In fact, even after adjusting for socioeconomic characteristics like income and education, Latino households ificantly lag White households in broadband adoption. Through Recovery Act projects like Latino Tech-Net, we are working to bridge the technology gap among economically vulnerable populations such as minorities, low-income communities, people with disabilities and seniors.

Each of these ranges has a 70 percent likelihood, and indicate that activity will exceed the seasonal average of 11 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes. Now is the time to get your plan together for what you and your family would do if disaster strikes.

Visit ready. Hurricane impacts are not limited to the coastline; strong winds and flooding rainfall often pose a threat across inland areas along with the risk for tornadoes. Next week, Mayis national Hurricane Preparedness Week. He urged small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific region to incorporate green growth strategies into their business development plans to increase their global competitiveness. Locke met with representatives from U. In60 percent of U. A new U. Census Bureau report released today shows that among all people 15 years and older in the United States in55 percent had been married once and 30 percent had never married.

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At the same time, 15 percent of Americans had married more than once, including 12 percent who had married twice and 3 percent who had married three or more times. The findings come from a new report,Timing, and Duration of Marriages and Divorces:which uses data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation to look at topics such as changes in the age at marriage, divorce and remarriage over the years, how long first marriages last, people who have been married multiple times, those who have been divorced or experienced other marital events, and the percentage of currently married couples that include spouses who are both in their first marriage.

More than half of currently married couples had been married for at least 15 years as ofwith 35 percent having reached their 25 th wedding anniversary and 6 percent having passed their golden wedding anniversary, marking 50 years of marriage. In comparison to figures fromthese percentages were percentage points higher, reflecting the leveling of divorce rates and increases in life expectancy. Note: This post is part of the Spotlight on Commerce series, which highlights members of the Department of Commerce who are contributing to the president's vision 25and single looking for fresh Conyers winning the future through their work.

Asian Pacific American Month gives you time to reflect on your origin, your country of birth and learning through and across cultures. It is conveying these assets, experiences and skills that build a better community and a better country. At the U. Commercial Service, improving opportunities for American businesses domestically and abroad is what drives me.

It is why I'm behind President Obama's plan to win the future. To do so, we must out-innovate, out-educate and connect U. This is my key responsibility: connecting U. This lays the foundation for a strong, sustainable economy in the United States and beyond. I am privileged to lead a service with almost trade professionals who assist American enterprises everyday to connect to global partners and to new markets.

Of the U. This country needs more exporters and potential entrepreneurs and exporters amongst you do not have to go it alone - you have the full support of the U. Government in connecting you to global partners and global markets. There, he heard suggestions from local business leaders on how the public and private sectors can work together to create jobs and enhance competitiveness for small businesses.

Secretary Locke was ed by Antonio M. Miller and Permak Industries, located just outside Minneapolis, played host to the session. They provided Administration officials and Jobs Council Members with a tour the Permac Industries facility and then held forum discussions and Q and A sessions with local business owners to discuss ideas for creating jobs and growing business in this country. These sessions are part of an ongoing series of regional Council Listening and Action Sessions that will take place around the country. The first Listening and Action Session took place in Dayton, Ohio and focused on creating new markets and customers for small businesses through supply chain development, in-sourcing, and partnerships with large businesses.

The 50,square-foot facility will support area entrepreneurs and advance the commercialization of sustainable energy technologies and next-generation building efficiency systems. The applied research facility and building technology showcase will serve as a unique factory of innovation in support of established companies and startups that are developing and demonstrating the next generation of energy efficiency technologies.

Boston city 25and single looking for fresh Conyers hope the Center will become a living laboratory, attracting building technology pacesetters from around the country and the international business community to demonstrate the future of sustainable buildings. The project serves as an innovation platform for collaborative research and development activities in the region, as well as an enduring pipeline for new technologies and startup companies. New data released today by the U.

Census Bureau for the first time provides detailed information on veteran-owned businesses in the United States. It shows U. Businesses in which veterans were majority or half-owners ed 3. These 3. This new data come from the Survey of Business Owners: Veteran-Owned Businesses:which reports the of veteran-owned firms in the United States, their sales and receipts, of paid employees and annual payroll.

The three states with the largest of veteran-owned businesses in were California, Texas and Florida. California hadveteran-owned businesses, representing 9. Texas hadbusinesses, or 8.

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Nearly one-third of veteran-owned businesses operated in the professional, scientific, and technical services and construction sectors. In the International Trade Administration, we do this by trying to reduce or eliminate trade barriers in other countries. Recently I was asked to establish a new initiative focused on preventing corruption in global trade. In this role, I have focused on how restrictions on Internet data flows can be a trade barrier, hindering innovation and competition in many markets.

Before coming to the International Trade Administration, I was a tenured law professor at the University of Washington, School of Law in Seattle, where I taught and researched commercial and banking law. My research focused on the impact of corruption on economic development in countries with natural resources. President Obama has spoken of the devastating cost of corruption. It discourages entrepreneurship, destroys public trust, and undermines the rule of law while stifling economic growth.

With a new commitment to strengthening and enforcing rules against corruption, economic opportunity and prosperity will be more broadly shared. New Markets, New Jobs tour is an interagency, multi-city outreach campaign spearheaded by the Commerce Department, deed to help connect small- and medium-sized businesses with the resources they need to sell more of what they make overseas. Locke was ed by U. Through DigitalLiteracy.

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Locke visits Recovery Act-funded public computer center in Baltimore, unveils new website to improve computer and Internet skills in America. At a public computing center in Baltimore, Md. Senators Barbara A. Cardin D-MD to unveil www. Prior to the unveiling, Locke and the senators toured a computer lab and saw first-hand how people in the Baltimore community are using this new website to find free training resources on a range of digital literacy topics at various skill levels, including assistance in searching for and applying to jobs online. Learn more and see how you can enhance your digital literacy at www.

Gary Locke is the Secretary of the U. As we continue to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month, it is important for us to reflect on our past — the difficulties we had growing up in immigrant families, the accomplishments our community has achieved and the barriers we still need to knock down. Being an Asian American now is certainly different from when I was growing up. I remembered that most mornings, my grade school teacher would ask us what we had for breakfast.

It took the civil rights movement to teach me that I could be both Chinese and American. I could be Chinese-American.

25and single looking for fresh Conyers

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