Stay at home dad seeking at mom

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It sounds like a straightforward and practical arrangement: Dad works outside the home full time and Mom stays home to take care of the children.

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Many couples who make this decision for their families agree — in theory, at least — that each parent has a challenging and important job. But even among egalitarian parents, resentment and frustration often stem from an all-too-common scenario: Dad worked all day and wants to come home and just relaxwhile Mom has been waiting Stay at home dad seeking at mom nine hours for the opportunity to pass her often screaming and spittle-covered child to someone else for a few minutes so she can have a break.

Every couple is different. But the key to making a marriage work when one parent is a stay-at-home mom and one parent goes to work, is expectation management and empathy. Working to make both sides known is crucial to making things, well, work. This is particularly so when research suggests that new d earn more, according to a studyand mothers are often paid less, another found. Although the arrangement is no longer a given, many women still consider ditching work to care for their children full time to be living the dream. Less than one-third 28 percent of married moms said they consider full-time work ideal for them, according to a survey by the Institute for Family Studies.

Inthe Pew Research Center reported that the percentage of mothers who chose to stay home and not work had increased for the first time in decades: Whereas in23 percent of mothers stayed home with the kids, that figure had risen to 29 percent by In a report published inPew found that the of stay-at-home moms had dropped only a bit at 27 percent by For the most part, society generally supports this traditional arrangement.

Just five years ago60 percent of people polled said that kids were better off if mothers stayed home rather than worked. Statistically, married, college-educated mothers are less likely to quit working and stay home with the kids, but many educated women abandon promising careers to take care of their children. My mom also was a stay-at-home mom, and I loved having her around when I was a. Even when women love the idea of staying home with their children, however, the arrangement creates strain in a marriage.

Cindy, who asked that we not use her last name, describes her ex-husband and the father of her year-old son as an incredibly involved and loving parent, but says that nonetheless, there were occasional problems related to money. Even though I had what every mom hopes for — the ability to stay home with my baby and a husband who made it happen — I was so exhausted and had no family in town and my friends none of whom had kids kind of disappeared on me.

This makes sense, afterall. New parenthood is all about transition. Some of the stress stay-at-home moms deal with stems from the more obvious, and exhausting, responsibilities of caring for children. A nagging pressure that they should be grateful for even the more disgusting aspects of full-time motherhood is something many women express when talking about staying home with their.

They also more explicitly mention feeling guilty. Alec helps make it work by letting her sleep in on Saturday mornings and taking care of their son a night or two a week so she can go out and see friends. Socializing away from home helps moms maintain an identity outside of the family, which is not only important for their mental health, but makes the transition later from full-time motherhood to autonomy easier, Henry says.

D do, too. Being the sole provider for not just your wife but your child often comes with incredible pressure and stress that your wife might not think about or understand.

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I made sure to tell him so that he could spark some laughs, too. The ability to verbalize feelings and needs, a capacity for self-examination and willingness to own up to mistakes as well as a sense of humor all make weathering parenting storms easier. With some work, couples can get better at those things, but a really important component in making the stay-at-home mom, working dad partnership work is respect, Tessina says. As hard as it has been to be with them all the time, being away from them is even harder.

And an emotional juggernaut. The key is focusing on making a decision to always be there for the other person. Give them time to cool off and take time to cool off, and approach them once you are level-headed. And remember first and foremost that love brought you together and love will keep you there. Please try again. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content. Your child's birthday or due date. Girl Boy Other Not Sure. Add .

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Stay at home dad seeking at mom

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