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And his assessment of attitudes about race in the City Different, which prides itself in acceptance of alternative lifestyles, is far from flattering. The year-old New Jersey transplant who lives in Albuquerque says he sees a lot of racism here and gets the most disrespect when he is wearing his gun and badge. Interviewed by the Journal earlier this week, Sanders talked about local issues and was pointed in his comments about Santa Fe. Sanders believes the attitudes come from a lack of education about black people and their culture.

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According to U. Census data fromonly 2. In Santa Fe, it was only 1 percent in the census. And he wants to come up with a curriculum about black culture and addressing the perception that black men are dangerous, while giving people a glimpse of what police officers face every day. He says he plans using such a program to speak at schools. There is work we have to do as a community to overcome that. If it is indeed happening in the city, it needs to stop.

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When I take my badge off at the end my shift, reality quickly sets in. Walking past white women on the streets who clutch their bags and being followed around the convenience stores are a part of the many frequent reminders that I am just another black man in America.

Sanders has been in law enforcement three years and is ased by a New Mexico police agency to a Santa Fe district.

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He said black people are now faced with a new form of racism, different than the in-your-face vitriol African-Americans faced decades ago. He said he has been pulled over by police more than 30 times in his life, yet he received only two tickets and the rest resulted in warnings.

Jacquaan Matherson, a year-old African-American officer with the Santa Fe Police Department who grew up in New York City, said Thursday that he also gets a lot of racist comments while in uniform, especially from people he puts in handcuffs. They referred to me as a gorilla or a monkey. He said he and two other officers were responding to a call recently when a man walked by.

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Santa Fe Police Department officer Jacquaan Matherson said New Mexicans may need a better understanding of other cultures, reflecting his own efforts when he moved here. What am I going to tell him?

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You kind of just have to take it and keep moving, and let it roll off your back. I have an obligation.

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Mayor Gonzales, who is openly gay and has felt discrimination himself, said he understands where the officers are coming from. Sanders said the good that he can do as a police officer far outweighs the negative comments and glances thrown his way. I like that feeling. Other Offers Already a subscriber? In. Already a subscriber?

Alternative Lifestyle in NM

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